Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi / جب زندگی شروع ہوگی book. Read 55 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. بنیادی طور پر یہ ناول ایک فکشن ہی ہے ۔. Free Download Jab Zindagi Shuro Hogi By Abu Yahya in Pdf Jab Zidagi Shuru hogi is an unforgettable story in Urdu which could be change your life. Visit the. Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi - Novel By Abu bacttemcocani.ga - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi By Abu Yahya Pdf

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Note the hadith is Hassan Gharib which is a hadith that has a sound chain but has come to us from two chains of narrators.

We can understand this but if you look towards the rules in Arabic for the use of the number seventy, which precedes it, what follows must be a feminine singular noun. This leads us to say that this hadith includes women and Jinn, for the above reasons, to have multiple partners in paradise. We can also examine the Quranic chapter the Heffer 2: Apart from the gender issue This book was surprisingly enjoyable and it was free!

View all 9 comments. Feb 22, Anam Sheikh rated it it was amazing. Intellectually overwhelming My favorite book in the world Will probably read again and againnn. Must read! An amazing novel depicting the real life yet to come! Truly an amazing novel that will most definitely strengthen your belief in Allah subhanu wa ta'ala, the Day of Judgment, Paradise and Hell! The way this author may Allah have mercy upon his soul, and grant him an even bigger status than the main character in the book!

The fear, hope, and love, this novel provokes in one's soul, is far beyond imagination, and the yearning for one's Lord and the Meeting with Him that this novel awakes in the heart, is absolutely astonishing!

If you know Urdu, I advise you to rather read it in its original form, as the English language can not, unfortunately, bring this novel its full rights!

Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi / جب زندگی شروع ہوگی

How I encourage you to read it, and how I encourage you and myself first to take heed of its message! May Allah subhanu wa ta'ala make us of those who take heed of what He has sent down upon us, make us of those who are upon guidance, and of those who when guidance has been bestowed upon them stay firm!

And may Allah subhanu wa ta'ala forgive our shortcomings, before the Day which there is no redemption and no aid, and make us of those who are truly successful, in this temporary world and in the everlasting world yet to come!

Ameen, thumma ameen, ya Rabb al'Alameen! View 1 comment. Nov 29, Muhammad Shaheer rated it it was amazing.

Extraordinary novel. When life begins is a fictional novel depicting the events which will take place in the Hereafter. It has brought about a positive change in the lives of thousands of people. The bone-chilling sketches of the judgement day allow the readers to visualise that which has been promised in the Quran. The story revolves around Abdullah,a pious and God-fearing man, who is saved from the harshness of the Hereafter because of his virtue.

The book follows Abdullah's perception of his surroundings, his conv When life begins is a fictional novel depicting the events which will take place in the Hereafter.

The book follows Abdullah's perception of his surroundings, his conversation with the angel Saleh and his reunion with his family. The author has truly outdone himself! There are some parts which don't have valid sources but the author already addressed this matter in the preface that it is a mix of facts and fiction. This piece of literature instills in one's mind the awareness of accountability and the determination to please the Lord.

This tale leaves us with the message that worldy joys and sorrows are simply tests for us.

They should never distract us from our true purpose on Earth i. View 2 comments. It is a must read best book about hereafter!

Its a life changing book, after reading it we realize the true worth of our every deed in the life hereafter This is one of my favourite books indeed!!

Jul 08, Alina Naz rated it it was amazing Recommended to Alina by: Hira Yamin. This book is on another level of awesomeness. It grips you from the start and doesn't leave you for life. It is a life changer and a faith strengthener, that's what it is. It makes us question ourselves and our life style.

A life changing book. Once I began reading it, I just couldn't let go.

Now I question my actions everyday only thinking, how will this help me for the real life that begins after death. An unputdownable book! Thought provoking! Life Changing Book. Oct 21, Sahibzada Haris rated it really liked it Shelves: That book is good i want to read it. Jan 20, Bilal Hussain rated it it was ok. Amazing sort of writing like a novel but everything is true.

Abu Yahya is been so familiar with the human nature and he has guds how to reveal the truth and that truth is already been taught but we all had been forgotten.

Thanks to Abu Yahya to written such a reality based novel. Incredibly moving, powerful, and revealing. It is said that those who remind you of God are true friends, in this light, I consider this author a true friend. This has been such an eloquent and beautiful reminder.

May Allah reward his efforts, and make me of His humble servants. This book is life changing if one allows it to be so.

A depiction of events of the day of Judgement in light of Quran and Sunnat with fictitious characters to go with it. Dec 04, Sadiq sagheer rated it did not like it. Worth reading book!!! Whenever i read it, i learn alot from it Once you start to read this book, you will find yourself in a new world yet to come.. Jan 30, Irfan rated it really liked it. Author's effort is commendable.

He has successfully presented the events of judgement day in plain and simple words. A must read book. A wake up call for all of us!

Oct 18, sohail bhatti rated it it was ok. It was a really unique idea to explain the day of judgement in the form of a novel.

Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi - Novel By Abu Yahya.pdf

Any ways I think the book lacked basic characteristics of a novel. This book could have been a literature of imagination but based on TRUE facts which non of us has seen yet but definitely will.

A bit of extra research could have done wonders. I also feel that an extremely sensitive issue has been dealt with not equally sensitively which coul It was a really unique idea to explain the day of judgement in the form of a novel.

Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi / جب زندگی شروع ہوگی

I also feel that an extremely sensitive issue has been dealt with not equally sensitively which could not have been the case if the author may have consulted a good scholar. I have not yet read other works of the author. Anyhow I still praise the author for such an idea and at least he tried his best. Sep 09, Sumera Lashari rated it it was amazing.

This novel is all about life after here. In this novel Author had compiled very bravely all the scenes of the day of judgement.

Get “Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi” by Abu Yahya

Through this book writer conveys lots of great messeges to the people of all ages including: I have to go college if I will not go then there will be great loss of students. This novel is a reflection of Holy Quran and Sunnah. The writer had jotted down all the matters of the person who are at right path and also who are not. Iam very surprised that how the writer had written wisdomly all the scenes.

This book will hold a special place in my heart for numerous reason. My classmate recently died and it was his favorite book. All the gratitude in this world belongs to God. No being has any worth before him. It is his alms that people are striving upon. It is his provided shelter that we all are staying in.

If a person remembers this fact then only God becomes the focal point of his desires and fear. He will then only love God above all and fear no one but God. Considering the human psyche,human being may make a mistake but this mistake will never turn in to restiveness. Abu Yahya is a Pakistani scholar and writer. Phil in Social Sciences. Moreover, his PhD thesis is in progress.

Abu Yahya performs the duty of Inviting to Faith and reformation through Social Media, Newspapers, and public gatherings. Inzaar Magazine December Beggar of Grave by Abu Yahya. Sense of Pleasure. May it not be. Food For The Soul.

Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.It builds upon the information in these two sources and presents a preview of what might be when we are raised from our graves and the sequel of events that will unfold. This book will hold a special place in my heart for numerous reason.

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Humans are free to choose to follow their respective messenger from God or refuse and do their own thing. Hardcover , 5th edition , pages. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This was followed by emergence of millions of species of plants and animals. Return to Book Page. About Abu Yahya.